Mike Seigel/ The Seattle Times
Mike Seigel/ The Seattle Times


DECO has provided many years of service to the aerospace industry, including a recent partnership with Electroimpact, a company contracted to build robotic manufacturing systems to assemble the Boeing 777X wings and other aerospace systems. See the article in the Seattle Times.


DECO’s work with aerospace fabrication assist robots includes safety integrations; process logic control wiring; primary power connection; and delivery and assembly support.


400Z Installations

400 Hertz installations to support parked aircraft, testing aerospace components, and for supporting manufacturing.


Aerospace Freezers

Commercial aerospace freezers for keeping components at low temperatures.

Substation Photos '14 04 15 (Shutdown)

Primary Power

Primary power distribution for campus; 13 kilovolts electrical infrastructure and primary switching, transformers and substations.


Paint Hangar Controls

Aerospace paint hanger automation controls; intrinsically safe and explosion proof installation.


Hazardous Area Installs

Explosion-proof installations, such as fueling stations.


High Bay Cranes

Installation of aerospace high bay cranes used in an automatic storage and retrieval systems.


We are fully equipped to supply all your electrical needs.


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