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Job Openings

Project Assistant

Dutton Electric, Inc., is seeking a project assistant to help manage the day-to-day tasks of a busy commercial electrical company in the Seattle area. Applicant must have at least two years’ experience with Excel/Word/Outlook. A working knowledge of electrical; experience in construction management and administration; and knowledge of estimating change orders, and schedule of values is a plus. Primary responsibilities include:

  1. Managing meetings including securing meeting rooms, emailing agendas, meeting times, and locations to meeting participants
  2. Taking notes during meetings
  3. Assisting project managers in assigning tasks
  4. Updating the status of completed tasks in project logs
  5. Ordering and distributing supplies and materials
  6. Querying databases and collecting data
  7. Organizing and maintaining files
  8. Creating reports and presenting data

Payment:   DOE

To Apply: 

Closing date July 31st